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VIEWFINDR’s information leads nature photographers to success. Everything in nature happens for a reason and can be predicted. With our algorithms for weather, we are one of the most valuable apps for landscape photographers.


VIEWFINDR’s information leads nature photographers to success. Everything in nature happens for a reason and can be predicted. We offer prediction in the VIEWFINDR App through our algorithms for weather, astronomy and geology.

The direct link to photospots tells which location to visit for the best possible conditions. No previous knowledge is needed as VIEWFINDR provides an easy access for everyone, especially beginners. Get in touch with landscape photographers around you, at home, or on travel.

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MeteoSolutions GmbH

Our partner for high-end weather data and algorithms to provide weather forecasting beyond your average app.


We, the founders of VIEWFINDR, are landscape photographers just as you. We love to be “out there” to get that one shot. We are most happy when we stand at some spot at 5 in the morning, watching the sun rise. The opposite of this happiness is standing in the rain at 5 with nothing going as imagined the evening before.  

We from VIEWFINDR hate those moments and do everything possible to make your tour a success. When you begin with landscape photography it can be really frustrating. Magically you seem to miss out all the good conditions and you only seem to get the lesser good light conditions than the experienced landscape photographers on your social media. 

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It’s not your fault. You need years of experience in forecasting weather conditions, to plan the position of the sun and hence light in the landscape. You need hundreds of photospots ready to visit in the right moment with the right conditions.

Our Vision is to provide you as many photospots around your current location as possible, all around the globe. Every bit of information needed to choose the right photospot depending on weather, sun or moon position, milky way, tides etc. should be provided in VIEWFINDR as easy as it seems for professional landscape photographers. And besides of this, we want to be a great community to connect with other photographers sharing the passion!

New features in near future

North America

After covering Europe, we will have weather data for North America in June 2023.

Weather Alert

In March 2023 we will introduce our weather alert feature. VIEWFINDR will send you an alarm, if good weather conditions will appear at your photo spots.


Sort your photospots into lists to present on your profile. Add travel advises to them for other photographers our just make beautiful galleries from your travel pictures.


We will add more functionality as "tools" for planing your photospot visits even more in detail.

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M.Sc. Stefan Engel

Founder, developer

M.Sc. Stefan Engel
B.Sc. Bastian Werner

Founder, CEO

B.Sc. Bastian Werner
Dipl. Met. J. Lang

Founder, meteorologist

Dipl. Met. J. Lang
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