Forecast hoarfrost

Easily forecast hoarfrost with our app. We developed the first weather forecast for landscape photographers with a exclusive hoarfrost forecast.

Photographing hoarfrost as a landscape photographer

One of the most beautiful winter landscapes is hoarfrost. When the fog stays in one place for days and sub-zero temperatures are added, a dense cover of hoar frost can form on the vegetation. With VIEWFINDR you can predict hoarfrost. We have developed special algorithms to predict this weather phenomenon, which are adapted to the needs of landscape photographers.

forecast hoarfrost as photographer

Forecast hoarfrost: Parameter Fog

For hoarfrost to form at all, there must be fog in one place. At the same time, the temperature at this location must be below 0°C. If this is the case, hoarfrost will form on the vegetation after some time.

Predicting fog and its exact location is difficult. For this purpose VIEWFINDR has developed its own weather parameter. With the weather parameter “Fog” you can determine the probability of the occurrence of fog at a certain location. The higher the probability, the higher the chance of fog at the location.

So that you don’t have to check the local temperature to predict hoarfrost, the algorithm marks areas in red where fog is particularly likely to be present and this fog correlates accordingly with temperatures below freezing point. You must now check how long the hoarfrost is predicted to last. A location must be marked as fog with hoarfrost for at least 12 hours so that enough hoarfrost can form on the vegetation there so that you can photograph hoarfrost. This makes VIEWFINDR the only app that allows photographers to forecast hoarfrost.

forecast hoarfrost