Drone weather tutorial

Drone weather parameter

Yellow: Wind gusts over 60km/h possible, drone flight with caution!
Red: Wind gusts over 80km/h possible and/or precipitation.

The parameter does not take into account any local regulations for drone flight, it only gives information about the weather. With this parameter you can see at a glance if there is anything in the way of drone flight.

Check for rain

To see possible rain, also refer to the parameter “Rain and thunder”. You will see that the red areas correlate with the rain areas.

Change forecast time

The time bar at the bottom of the map can be used to set the time of the forecast. The times shown always refer to the time zone of your smartphone. It makes sense to look for dense fog at sunrise first. In the winter months, you should also pay attention to the evening hours, because dense fog can also occur in the evening. In the summer months you can do without this.

change time of weather forecast fog height