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VIEWFINDR is growing  with already 3500 paying Users in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, growing around 300-500 per month. This sounds tiny in comparison to e.g. Instagram. But every user is a Landscape Photographer willing to pay for his passion. Our Target is 30.000 for EU and 100.000 world wide.

We will not only be a random photography app. Every step from finding and organizing photo spots to plan where and when to visit them will be done in VIEWFINDR. We will digitalize landscape photography.

Every photo spot you enter into VIEWFINDR will be branded on your name. You get the opportunity to brand a whole region. Potential customers will link your name with this region. 

Later, we will add a workshop & travel calendar to VIEWFINDR where only our Ambassadors can add their workshops to. 

Ambassadors get a profile URL to advertise products in VIEWFINDR.

The App will be free for you of course. 

We expect that you stand behind the idea of VIEWFINDR and promote the app. All your promotion can be made freely in your own way.

What we expect:

  • 2 Instagram Postings
  • 2 Facebook Postings
  • YouTube Video (payed a little)
  • Blog article (payed a little)


Important: There will be an official market launch for your country! We will talk with you personally about your promotions.

We know that this is a big concern for landscape photographers. The most customers joining your workshops and tours are joining them because of your profession, not because you are a cheap travel guide!

Actually, sharing of photo spots brings you more customers. People link your name to a specific place. Like “Ah, John Doe has much photo spots on Lofoten. He must be great tour guide”.

They join your tour because they want to learn your way of shooting landscape pictures. Our German Ambassadors report even more customers because people saw their really on point guides they wrote in VIEWFINDR to visit specific places!

Also, we need to say this. If YOU are not uploading the photo spots, someone else will do that job and brand the region on their name. 

This fear is completely reasonable as there are some places with heavy destruction. But on those places, landscape photographers are a minority. It’s simple overtourism. And it also happens only to a tiny minority of photo spots to be overrun. 

VIEWFINDR is actually the solution to that problem. Overtourism to photo spots occurs because there is a lag of known alternatives. In VIEWFINDR we only present photo spots which can be accessed without nature destruction. We present so much cool spots with forecasting of the right conditions that people can easily take great pictures with great conditions at photo spots which are normally boring.

Read here more about how we protect photo spots: Natural Conservation

VIEWFINDR will help your own planning. You will hopefully use it every day. Getting your brain into VIEWFINDR and reading all the tutorials will take you around 1h.

To upload around 20 photo spots in VIEWFINDR will be 1,5h, depending on how much text you write.

The Instagram and Facebook Posting should take you no time. When you are out there shooting because you used VIEWFINDR to plan the weather, just screenshot the weather forecast and integrate it into your story our do a carousel posting where you show the screenshot and write something about VIEWFINDR.

For a Blog and YouTube Video, ask us separately. We can pay you a little for that. We are still growing, but later we will have more money and we can pay more for videos! J Promise.

We have chosen you as potential Ambassador for your exceptional local photography. We want you to represent your home region in VIEWFINDR. The photo spots you upload need to be around your home so that other users can profit of your knowledge as a local photographer.

So if you travel and look up photo spots in VIEWFINDR, you can be sure to only see information which was written by local photographers to help you the most for your photo tour! You will be the sole photographer to represent your region in VIEWFINDR.  

Download VIEWFINDR now


1. Get VIEWFINDR access

Download the app from Appstore or Playstore. Register your VIEWFINDR Account until you see the “2,99€ ($/£) Abonoment” page. 

2. Fill the form

Please fill in the form below. We do not make a contract with you, as we only want Amabassadors who really are behind the VIEWFINDR project. So if you change your mind in beeing Ambassador, just tell us. 

3. VIP Status

We will tell you when you have VIP Status and can access the app for free. 

4. Understand VIEWFINDR

After you have access, follow the in-app-tutorial and read the tutorials of the weather parameters to understand our weather forecasting better. 

M.Sc. Stefan Engel

Founder, developer

M.Sc. Stefan Engel
B.Sc. Bastian Werner

Founder, CEO

B.Sc. Bastian Werner
Dipl. Met. J. Lang

Founder, meteorologist

Dipl. Met. J. Lang