Community rules

VIEWFINDR provides photospots dependent on the community of  landscape photographers. The photospots are mostly dependent on nature. When you use the VIEWFINDR App or are out there shooting, keep those easy rules in mind. Nature protection is more important than your shot. 

Our rules


Your private spots are safe with us. Only you can see them. We don't track personalized user data.


You can always check if a photospot is under nature protection. Overrun spots will be marked.


You need correct information, so you need to provide correct information to your uploaded photospots.

Stay On The Track

When visiting a spot with nature protection, don't violate the rules. Photos uploaded with obvious nature violation will be deleted.

Private Property

Photospots located on private property with no common allowance to enter are not allowed on Viewfindr.


If an uploaded image disrespects no-fly-zones, we will delete the image and maybe ban your account.


Do not alter the uploaded images in postprocessing in a way that your shot would be physically impossible. E.g.: compose images from two photospots.

No Place For Hate

We only provide photospots. There is no reason for hate in any kind. Your account will be deleted if you behave in other ways.

What experienced Photographers say

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