Be responsible with the data you provide

Your photographic success is dependend on correct data provided with photospots by other photographers.


The responsibility of uploading a new photospot

When uploading a photospot you take responsibility for the data. Everything you upload needs to be correct in such a way, that it leads other photographers to success. Be sure what you do!

If you are not sure, just stick to submitting your images to the existing photospots. Your image will be seen from the people around you in your newsfeed in the same way.

You don’t get hate from people who suffered by wrong information. If you are new to landscape photography, give your self some time to understand the VIEWFINDR App. We are not Instagram or Facebook. You don’t win anything while posting much bad content.

Viewfindr Wetter
Viewfindr App

Weather Parameters – choose wisely

Choosing the weather parameters is not a wish list. Only choose weather which often occurs at the spot. On the lake around the corner, fog is possible, but it will be seldom in the heart of e.g. Paris our Berlin.

Be sure to know enough about landscape photography and basic weather, before you submit a spot. If you are unsure, you can READ HERE about the weather phenomenon. If the information of your photospot is bad, we will maybe delete it.

This may sound a little harsh but you want to be sure that the information is correct as well, when you plan to visit a spot.

M.Sc. Stefan Engel

Founder, developer

M.Sc. Stefan Engel
B.Sc. Bastian Werner

Founder, CEO

B.Sc. Bastian Werner
Dipl. Met. J. Lang

Founder, meteorologist

Dipl. Met. J. Lang
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